VA Disability Rating Schedule
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VA Disability Rating Schedule

VA disability rating schedule is of paramount importance to evaluating ex-military officers who might have incurred one dis-ability or the other during the course of their service.

The VA disability rating schedule is the guide used by the Veteran Administration for evaluating and assessing the nature and extent of disabilities incurred on veterans or ex-military officers during their active service year. The VA rating schedule provides the criteria for assigning a disability rating. Your rating will be given as a percentage. It could range from 0% all the way to 100%. The greater your disability, the higher the percentage will be. This in turn will allow you to collect a larger amount of disability compensation. The VA disability schedule contains more than 700 diagnostic codes that are organized under a variety of body systems. Such body systems are:

The Musculoskeletal System

The Organs of Special Sense

The Respiratory System

The cardiovascular System

The Digestive System

The Genitourinary System

The Hemic and Lymphatic Systems

The Endocrine System

Neurological systems

Receiving A VA Disability Rating

To qualify for a VA compensation, you must:

• be an ex-military personnel

• you must have one disability from or resulting from your services as a veteran

• you must file a claim for disability compensation. As a result of your claim, the VA may request a medical examination.

The evidence of record must show that the claimed disability was incurred during military service. The medical evidence provided by the veteran and/or the service department must show the claimed disability. If the disability has been with you before service, such as a leg condition, the evidence must show that the condition became worse during military service. The information from this examination will go a long way to determine if your claim will be honored by the VA. It'll also be used to determine how much compensation will be granted to you.

The VA will need to determine how much grant or money will be given to you for the disability or disabilities and one way of determining this is to check how much your earning potential has been reduced by the disability or disabilities in question. This reduction is usually determined by a medical examiner. With this information, a disability rating will then be created for you.

There are situations where a veteran has more than one disability. How will such a claims be rated? If more than one disability exists, you'll receive a rating for each disability. The VA will then give you a single combined disability rating. The VA doesn't just add the ratings together. A specific chart is used to determine a single rating from two or more disabilities. Once a rating is created with the chart, the VA will round the number to the nearest multiple of 10. This number will be your combined disability rating. Your rating can never be more than 100 %.

Are you a veteran? You could be entitled to a VA disability compensation.

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Comments (16)

The VA really needs to do some evaluation on their evaluations. Soldiers cannot get help when they come back from Iraq, yet my fiance's son, gets 100 percent disablity. He never saw combat. How did he get it? He hit his CO while in training, and pretended to be nuts. So now he not only gets VA, but he gets SS/SSI on top of it, raking in over $40,000 a year, not have to pay property taxes, free medical for everything including his gastric bypass surgery. He is now over 300 pounds, because he eats, sits in chair, eats some more. This lazy bum who knows how to work the system is not even 40 years old.

Ranked #7 in Disabilities

dear Linda Smith, i really do appreciate your comment which shows that the VA does really need to work on their evaluations. I hope they are reading and would do well to really well to help deserving disabled soldiers as they return from active service. Again, thanks for the rich comment.

As the first comment shows, sadly some people use this to milk the system. For those in genuine need of this financial assistance it must be a welcome relief to have this compensation to fall back on.

Ranked #7 in Disabilities

True talk John. The VA compensation is truly a welcome relief to ex-service men.

This a great article. The VA is slow to help those in need. I took my Dad in for test after test. The evaluation process took over a year. The week before Dad died, we received the letter stating that he was approved for help from the VA. My Dad never went to them for help because of the red tape. We never understood why until we had to deal with it ourselves.

Ranked #7 in Disabilities

dear Cynthia, I am really touched by your dads case. I hope the VA will really take a good look into such incidences and work on their administrative red tapes. Thanks so much for enlightening us more.

Voted up. Great article

Very interesting article. We have a lot of Filipino Veterans who took major part during World War II campaign with the Americans and only few made it to be compensated for their services. It's ironic how they may have eluded the enemy fire and fall victim to unfriendly discretions of their allies.

Ranked #7 in Disabilities

Thanks Anna and Deep Blue. The issue of VA compensation has been some real tough nuts to crack. It is really appalling to defend your nation with your and only to feel neglected when you need them most. Though not an ex-military, it aint fair.

This is going to come in handy as a useful resource for many veterans I would think. It's about time Countries compensated their soldiers for fighting for its freedom. Great article.

Ranked #7 in Disabilities

Thanks Anna. I really feel for them.

I enjoyed reading this. Thank You

Ranked #7 in Disabilities

You are welcome Eva.

I had never heard of the VA.

I work for the VA system, I have found that unfortanately this is a recurrent problem and the VA system is working on it. The major problem comes into play when a person is found to be milking the system, services are cut, then that scumhole can then sue for defamation and refusal to treat a medical condition. As long as the social advocates (congress) live in their pipe dream this sort of abuse can and will continue

Ranked #7 in Disabilities

Its good to hear from one of the VA. Thanks so much for your comment.